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ARTELIBRO’s report

» October 11, 2012

On Sunday 23rd September 2012 in Bologna ended the 9th edition of the Artelibro Art Book Festival 2012 entitled “Book collecting: collecting means seeding”.

The result of this edition has been amazing: 50.000 visitors of which 35.000 in the Art Library set up in Piazza Nettuno and 15.000 in Palazzo Re Enzo and to the collateral events in the city.

More than 170 exhibitors: antiquarian booksellers, well known publishing brands and small self-publishing houses, fac-similar and artist’s books publishing houses, limited edition volumes and art prints, institutional authorities, associations and specialized magazines.

With an average of 100 books per exhibitor, at least 17,000 editions have been displayed for purchase but also for public enjoyment,with a huge variety ranged from rare and precious manuscripts to the most experimental and underground artist’s editions.A cultural offer that no other event in Italy has been able to offer to the public. Bologna could echo the fair with cultural initiatives (including more than 40 exhibitions created specifically for Artelibro) that played an important role in enhancing the city dweller book heritage.

This year’s theme, Book collecting: collecting means seeding, quoted by jurist and bibliophile Guido Rossi on 20th September in his lectio magistralis that opened Artelibro, was developed with several initiatives and the presence of the leading sector experts and exhibitors: the antiquarian booksellers, associated in ALAI – italian Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association, offered important opportunities to think about the ancient book; the national and international publishers of art valuable books, who presented precious volumes made ​​with the finest craftsmanship, like the fac-simile edition of the Marco Polo’s Bible realized by the Treccani Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia and artist’s books designed by contemporary artists such as Non ha età il segreto del racconto di noi by Colophon Arte,composed of Adonis’ 12 texts with tables by Mimmo Paladino, or Six still fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm proposed by Galleria dell’Incisione di Brescia, which includes 6 fairy tales and 39 original etchings by David Hockney; 50 Italian and foreign specialized magazines such as the glossy Dazed & Confused and the experimental Parkett and as many self-publishing editorial realities, from the historic Dutch publishing house Rome Publications to the young Venetian artist collective Kit x Lucky Shoes, inside the exhibition FRUIT. Focus on Contemporary Art. The big Art Bookshop in Piazza Nettuno included more than 30 publisher houses.

The book was the absolute star of this cultural event that has transformed Bologna in the international capital of ancient and valuable books. Famous bibliophiles, collectors and art historians have given rise to a series of lectures packed with audience, and more than 100 artists have presented their contributions on paper, mostly unpublished.

Like every year, Artelibro organized numerous professional conferences, presentations and lectures for the general public, with the partecipation, among others, of Cristina Acidini, Antonella Agnoli, Renato Barilli, Pierangelo Bellettini, Luca Bellingeri, Daniele Benati, Jadranka Bentini, Chiara Bertola, Irma Blank, Gianantonio Borgonovo, Maria Luisa Boriani, Gian Paolo Brizzi, Marco Carminati, Veronica Ceruti, Bruno Corà, Andrea Dall’Asta, Chiara Daniele, Valerio Dehò, Oliviero Diliberto, Umberto Eco, Antonio Faeti, Fiorella Falavigna De Leo, Silvia Fanti, Gian Luca Farinelli, Luigi Ficacci, SilvioFiechter, Micol Forti, Cristina Francucci, Carlo Ginzburg, Fabrizio Govi, Guido Guerzoni, Emilio Isgrò, Andrea Kerbaker, Fabrizio Lollini, Giorgio Lucini, Gianfranco Maraniello, Chiara Nicolini, Anna Nogara, Anna Ottani Cavina, Francesco Poli, Franco Maria Ricci, Eugenio Riccomini, Rossana Rummo, Sissi, Nicola Spinosa, Claudio Strinati, Maria Gioia Tavoni, Hans Tuzzi, Marco Vallora, Angelo Varni, Antonio Violetta, Maurizio Zuccari, Stefano Zuffi.

Deep satisfaction was expressed by the city’s libraries that have been involved in Artelibro: the project Widespread Art Library offered to the visitors the opportunity to discover the best of the extraordinary book heritage of Bologna in special itineraries with guided visits to libraries and museums .

Great success for the exhibitions of artists’ books, including C_artelibro. The principle of the pages, an exhibition and publishing project by Danilo Montanari which has displayed until 13rd October unpublished works of over 60 of the most respected Italiancontemporary artists (and not only) at the University Library of Bologna, which in the meantime hosted the exhibition Art meets poetry curated by Biancastella Antonino where the artist Paolo Gubinelli exhibited his engravings on washed paper accompanied by unpublished verses of poets like Davide Rondoni, Roberto Roversi and Tonino Guerra.

At the International Music Museum and Library will run, until 21st October, the exhibition 3 historical avant-garde Publishers Sampietro – Geiger / Baobab – 3ViTre: from graphic experimentation to sound, curated by Maurizio Osti and Enzo Minarelli, which presents the book as an opportunity for creative development through three innovative and extraordinary experiences from the late Sixties to the early Eighties.

Until 2nd December the Medieval Museum hosts the exhibition The Benedictine Chorals of San Sisto in Piacenza, that presents eight ancient Chorals of the fourteen antiphonaries used in the Benedictine Monastery of San Sisto, while in the Lapidary of the Museum will be open until 21st October Jazz Matisse, the artist’s book from the Mingardi collection that exhibits the 20 colored drawings “à pochoir” of the book Jazz by Henri Matisse inspired by the circus, dance, theater, travel, where text and images are assembled according to a principle of rhythmic improvisation typical of jazz music.

The website, active throughout the year as a vehicle of support and dissemination for, and with, the italian and international art publishing houses, was visited in September with peaks of 1,500 visits per day and an average of 70% of new visitors.

The tenth edition of Artelibro Art Book Festival will be held in Bologna from 19th to 22nd september 2013.

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